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Beer and Football (Both Kind) a Swell Combination

Beer and Football (Both Kind) a Swell Combination

Posted on Sep 9, 2017

Beer and Football (Both Kind) a Swell Combination

For many people watching sports and having a nice cold beer go hand in hand. During sporting events, there is an increase in alcoholic beverage commercials and for many events like the Super Bowl are even sponsored by beer companies. So is it the advertising that drives people to drink, or was drinking already happening and advertising companies are simply trying to reach their target audience. To put it simply, the beer came before the commercials.

A History Of Sport and Beer

During the time of the original Olympiad, it was customary for the ruler to enjoy a grand feast while watching the violent matches occur. They would enjoy some of the grandest food in the land, while also enjoying some of the best liquor available, in many instances that would be strong wine. If you look through history, you will find many instances that show when a sporting event took place, so too was the booze.

A Culture of Drinking

In pubs, bars, arenas, and stadiums across the world, you will find that people love their sport with a little beer on the side. For social drinkers, alcohol is associated with a good time; happiness, celebration, or a party. For sports lovers, that is also what sports is associated with; a good time, happiness, a celebration. It is almost natural for the two to go hand in hand. Beyond a culture that has been passed down throughout the generations, many people find sports and beer heighten excitement while encouraging relaxation. In today’s social climate, that could courage anybody to watch a match and grab a brew.

If you are going out to a sporting event, or your local pub to enjoy the game and a beer, realize you are following the tradition of those who came centuries before you.