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Enjoy Weldman VS Belfert at Keegan’s Lounge and Grill on 2/28!

Enjoy Weldman VS Belfert at Keegan’s Lounge and Grill on 2/28!

Posted on Feb 20, 2015

The Main Event
The stage is set, the taps are primed and Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill is ready to give the people what they want for the upcoming UFC fight #184 Weidman vs. Belfert scheduled for 2/28. You can enjoy the big fight that Saturday in comfort and style, gather up your friends and order a few rounds as these two fiery fighters go head to head in the heated contest to break each other in front of a televised audience. For those not in the know or out of the loop, Weidman will be defending his title as the UFC middleweight champion against the latest contender Victor Belfert – but only one man will walk away a champion.

The Fighters
As you’re enjoying your drinks at Keegan’s, consider each man’s strengths before you pick your favorite for the fight. Chris Weidman’s the reigning champ, a fighter focused on getting in close and immobilizing his opponents with powerful grapples. He’s quick and he’s dirty on his feet – you’ve got to be to stay on top, whether it’s in a match or on your opponent. Nobody can count out Victor Belfert though, especially with the climb he’s made to get there. Coming off a streak of impressive wins, Belfert is a powerful striker who relies on the power and agility of his arms to carry him in and out of his opponents reach while he delivers devastating punishment. It’s going to be a close match up, there’s little doubt in that and you’re going to need a perfect set up for a perfect match.

The Location
Keegan’s Sports Lounge and Grill is the perfect place to have that set up for the upcoming UFC match. They advertise themselves as a comfortable place that’s perfect for hanging out. 35 televisions scattered throughout their indoor and outdoor seating sections, pool tables, a lounge area and outdoor firepits mean you’ll be sure to make Keegan’s a new favorite, even after the dust clears. They even have daily events like live bands, DJs and even a Karaoke night that will keep you coming back for more – even if it’s just for the variety of seven day a week drink specials. It’s hard to go wrong when you’re enjoying your time with a good fight at Keegan’s