Tips To Host A Memorable Corporate Event

Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Tips To Host A Memorable Corporate Event

Corporate events are an important part of human and public relations for all businesses since they facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce stress and allow workers to know each other outside of the office. Planning a corporate event is a daunting task that even professional event organizers find difficult. Whether you’re an amateur planning your first major event or are merely trying to clue yourself in to keep up with the event organizer, the tips below are essential to throwing a memorably successful event.

Conceptualization and Budgeting
Decide on your event theme and seek guidance from both your guest’s profiles and the company goals and objectives to choose from an indoor, evening, pure fun, competitive or collaborative tones. Create a budget based on the theme – appropriate decor, booking of venue, catering, entertainment, special permits, outside security and promotional actions plans if necessary.

To-do List
Make a to-do list with a timeline detailing all the necessary activities and delegate duties amongst your staff. If no event organizer has been hired, appoint a team leader to coordinate the individual efforts of the staff and other people organizing the event. These may include the caterers, venue providers, décor suppliers, special activities and entertainment vendors.

Event Publicity
Corporate events require different levels of publicity depending on their nature, for example, a product launch or awards event would be a more high profile event than a typical team-building outing. Send press releases to different media outlets for coverage and incentivize by offering giveaways for readers or viewers with company gift packs or event tickets.

Budgeting Hacks
The cumulative cost of corporate events is considerably higher than most people expect, however, there are small ways to ensure you save big without being cheap. Look for sponsors or partners in your business niche to help shoulder the burden of the budget and promote the event to a demographic beyond your company’s reach. Only seek vendors for services that your partners or sponsors cannot offer.

Actual Day of the Event
It is important that things run smoothly on the day of the event in order for all parties to have a fun and fruitful time. Guests should be directed to their rightful places before wandering around the venue, food should be served on time and in proper portions, and the entertainment should be engaging but not overwhelming.

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