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Visiting an Irish Pub for Authentic Dishes

Visiting an Irish Pub for Authentic Dishes

Posted on Jan 25, 2020

Keegan’s is known by locals as one of the best places to go and celebrate with that chilled pint with pals. However, those who may not be familiar with the Torrance, California area may not know about this little sweet spot that welcomes one and all to have a bit of authentic Irish food, drink, and fun.

The Pub That Has it All
Keegan’s is definitely talked about as a hot spot in the area, and one that those visiting must stop by and try for themselves, but if you’re looking for Irish food that is authentic and actually made like what you’d find in the actual country; Keegan’s is the place to stop.

The Reuben is what you’d expect it to be, but with an Irish twist that really makes it stand out from all of the other Rueben’s that you may have had in the past. This is where you might have to travel back to because of the delicious sandwich that will be engrained in your mind forever as one of the best Rueben’s you have ever had.

As a real Irish pub, you can expect that the pastrami is some of the best, as well as the patty melts, the pepperoni, the corned beef and more. You can enjoy all that comes with the many sandwiches that are put together right in the back of the pub and specially made by visitors looking for an authentic Irish meal in mind.

If you’re ever in the Torrance area, or any of the surrounding cities, then make sure to stop in at Keegan’s. The food is some of the best, but the drinks and people you will meet are what so many stop by to spend time for. They will welcome you with open arms, resident or visitor alike.